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So, you’re ready to shake things up a little. You are contemplating a career change and curious about executive recruitment. At Kerry Consulting, 40% of our consultants were former auditors who left the big 4. All agree it’s the best career move they’ve made. Keep on reading to learn why switching to recruitment could be right for you too...

5 reasons you should consider making the switch:

1. Your professional experience gives you an enormous head-start in recruitment

Almost half of Kerry’s team are auditors from Big-4, and the balance are Bankers, Engineers, HR Professionals, and Civil Servants!

2. You will develop skills that are future-proof

Each day you will be learning new facets about the industry and function you specialize in, and have the front seat view of the transformation taking place in the world of work

Most of our consultants admit that they’ve learned more about in their 1st year at Kerry than in their entire previous career

3. You will never encounter another boring day again

A recruitment consultant’s day is dynamic, unpredictable, fast-paced, and chock-a-block full of client/candidate meetings and calls, with not a dull moment!!

4. A highly empowered career, working with best in the market

The Kerry team is packed with stalwarts of the Recruitment industry, who are amongst the best in Singapore market – allowing you to learn from the best-in-class

Once you have learnt the basics, we empower you to apply your own creativity and initiative to achieve your objectives, while providing enough training and coaching to learn as you go

5. Recruitment is incredibly rewarding

With uncapped commissions, and absolutely no ceiling, the more successful you are – the more you’ll earn. Financial rewards is one of many reasons why people turn to a career in recruitment

But that’s not all… the feeling of satisfaction you get when you place someone in a job they love is worth a million bucks!!

What's next?

We are currently looking to hire, train and nurture new recruitment consultants to join our growing teams in Singapore. If you have 3+ years of professional experience, and are intrigued with the possibilities that this career track offers, then hit the APPLY button below to get started.

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